Unaccompanied Housing Sigonella

Unaccompanied Housing (UH) accommodations are for E1 through E4 unaccompanied personnel.

NAS Sigonella Unaccompanied Housing facilities are located on two bases (NAS I & NAS II), located seven miles apart. Assignment is based on availability, and there is no guarantee that residents will live on the same base where they work. 

Service members must report to the Housing Service Center within one day upon arrival to complete their check-in process.  Upon UH check-in, the service member will receive a short briefing on "Life in Sigonella" in order to smooth the arrival process. A complete Welcome Aboard package with pertinent information is also provided and Resident Handbooks are staged in each room.

This is not an MWR facility and the information is provided as a courtesy.  Please contact them directly for any questions.