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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we get asked all the time. 

General MWR Questions

Who is eligible to use MWR facilities?

Active duty military personnel (U.S. and NATO), their families and guests, reservists, retired military personnel, DoD civilian employees and their family members, and DoD contracted employees or their representatives affiliated with NAS Sigonella, may all take advantage of MWR services, programs and facilities.


ICE COMMENT: 3 Nov 2018

  • Comment Regarding Octoberfest:
    We attended the Octoberfest event on base this year and it was disappointing. We prepaid the fee, but the way it was advertised did not clearly specify that all that paid for was for a seat at the table. Everything else was extra, so this little adventure ended up costing more than going to a fancy restaurant. We were looking forward to the event because we have attended similar ones at other bases and they were always so much fun. At our last base we paid the same amount we paid here - but they had a buffet that was included in the cost. Secondly, the multiple seating times constrained the time to eat and enjoy the festival. If we had known that we were going to have to pay so much to get a small paper plate of food we would never have bothered.

  • Response:
    I am sorry that your experience at Oktoberfest did not meet your expectations. We had an overwhelming positive response from the community and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The advertisements for the event clearly stated that the fees were for a table spot or standing spot. I'm not sure what you expected for $5 (standing) or $10 (table), but when you add in the prices for food and drinks at this event it still ends up being less than a ticket to other Oktoberfests I have attended where some food/drink is included in the ticket price.
    MWR had to charge something just to cover the costs for the event (e.g. the band). Fiscal constraints are hurting departments everywhere including MWR, so without fees we would not be able to offer special events. We chose not to have a combined ticket that included food/drink so people could attend just to enjoy the atmosphere without being charged for drinks or food that they may not have wanted. Again, if you wanted something to eat or drink, the prices were comparable or lower than similar events I have attended.
    As for the two different seating times, this replicates the setup of many Oktoberfests around the world, to include the one I attended in Stuttgart, Germany this year. This allows more people to experience Oktoberfest and also ensures we don't have a scenario where the base is hosting an event where people have the opportunity to drink copious amounts of beer for six hours or more.


?ICE COMMENT: 24 Mar 2018

  • Comment regarding Bravo Zulu for MWR:
    The MWR here at Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella is OUTSTANDING! I have been in the Marine Corps for over 23 years and I can personally attest to the quality and support that this MWR facility does for our service members. Of note, Ivory Harris is the right individual for this job and facility. She has gone above and beyond to ensure that our Marines and Sailors are taken care of.
  • Response:
    It's great to hear that MWR has positively contributed to your quality of life and enhanced your 23 years of service, particularly the outstanding experience you describe during your time at NAS Sigonella. MWR strives to create positive, memorable, experiences for all customers. The Liberty Program Manager, Ivory Harris, and her team, are well deserving of your positive feedback. Thank you for taking advantage of MWR programs and events. We wish you all the best on your next adventure.
Community Recreation

Can I register for a Community Rec trip online?

YES!  The MYFFR Website allows you to access details about upcoming trips and tours, register and pay online.  
You must establish an account by first visiting the Sigonella Community Recreation Office (NAS 1 Midtown Building 157).

To Book Tours Online: 

  • Visit the Sigonella Community Recreation office to establish a household account and receive your user name and password
  • Visit Europe RecTrac Online
  • Log in with your user name and password.
  • Update your account, if needed.
  • Begin booking your trips and tours.
Fitness & Aquatics
ICE COMMENT: 23 Feb 2019 
  • Comment Regarding Gym Equipment:
    The bikes in the spin room have been broken for over six months. They had someone come in and fix them around September, but then they broke again right after they were fixed. As of yesterday there were three machines that were down and the instructor had to turn away people from class because of this. One person even got up and left early to allow another participant to have a bike.
  • Response:
    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about our facility. Our fitness team does their best to remove broken equipment from the floor and to fix equipment during our monthly maintenance visits. While the gym’s spin bikes are not old, they are not holding up well under heavy use, so staff are trying to maintain them as they break down. Fitness center staff are currently working on a large purchase to replace most of the spin bikes, which can take time when shipped from the continental U.S. I appreciate your patience during that process. In the meantime, if you have any other questions or comments about the fitness program, please contact Elizabeth Leonard, Fitness Director, at DSN 624-0504.

ICE COMMENT: 25 Aug 2018

  • Comment Regarding MWR Recreational Swim:
    We are lucky enough to live in an area where the pool and beach can be a part of our everyday lives. However, my children can’t swim and getting them signed up for swim lessons is pretty much impossible. How do we get the pool to stay open longer with more lesson opportunities for our children?

  • Response:
    Thank you for your patronage and feedback about our aquatics programs at NAS I.
    We offer four sessions of American Red Cross sanctioned swim lessons that coincide with the school's summer break. In order to keep sign-ups as fair as possible, families are only allowed to sign up for one session at a time. Our sign ups include both group and private lessons in the mornings and evenings to accommodate swimmers of all abilities. Swim lessons are in high demand and tend to fill quickly. We offer forty hours of recreational swim throughout the week during summer months and seven hours of lap swim are offered during the work week. In the future, MWR is offering a contracted swim instructor to provide private and group lessons year round. Stay tuned for more info!
    If you have further questions or comments about the Fitness/Aquatics program, please contact Elizabeth Leonard, Fitness Director. She can be reached at 624-0504 (+39-095-56-0504) or via email at


ICE COMMENT: 7 Oct 2017

  • Comment regarding “NAS II Pool Hours”:
    The NAS II is only available for PT three days per week.
    I would like to make a recommendation to open the pool on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to eliminate the need to travel to NAS I to swim.

  • Response:
    Thank you for your feedback and patronage of the MWR swimming pools as well as your recommendation. Unfortunately we are unable to open the NAS II pool on Saturdays and Sundays due to funding constraints. The FY17 Operations Plan and budget authorizes operation of only one swimming pool for the NAS Sigonella community. Currently, MWR is operating under a waiver to maintain limited hours of operation at two swimming pools. We understand a majority of the active duty population is berthed on NAS II which is one of the reasons MWR offers lap swim at the NAS II Flight Line Pool three days per week. However to offer pool services to the entire community (including access for the swim team) we cannot expand the hours at NAS II at this time.

    Questions or concerns regarding MWR Fitness, Sports or Aquatics program may be directed to the MWR Fitness Director, Bill Gatlin. He can be reached at 624-0504 (or +39-095-56-0504) or via email at


ICE COMMENT: 13 Jan 2014

  • Comment Regarding Jingle Jog:
    “On December 20, 2013, a Sig M/HS "JINGLE JOG" was held. It was a welcome opportunity for students to pursue a healthy option leading up to the winter break. The execution was flawless. The Sig Fitness center laid out the course, manned a water station, and then cleared the course. They cheered the students in their endeavor and supported this healthy alternative for enjoying the holiday season. There was an excellent partnership between the school, the school liaison office, base security and the Fitness Center. Together, these organizations made this event a positive and successful one. Job Well Done, Team Sigonella!”

  • Response:
    Thank you for your positive feedback. We strive to provide fun and healthy experiences for our youth. We hope to continue providing these types of events in the year to come.

Jox & Connections

Why is Connections only open one day a week?

Unfortunately, Connections is not a busy enough facility to keep open more than one day a week.  Our staff and resources are better utilized at Jox due to the high patronage it encounters.  

Why doesn't Connections serve liquor?

Connections is considered a Category B facility.  This most simply means that based on the facility's status and funds agreement, we are not allowed to sell liquor.  We do however, have a full bar offering at Jox located on NAS2 which is open 7 days a week!

Can I have a private party at Jox or Connections?  Can I have a bartender?

Yes, absolutely!  We offer both Jox and Connections for party rental outside of business hours.  A bartender is not included in facility rental, but one (or more) can be provided upon request for an additional charge.  Please contact Clubs at 624-5603/5604 with any questions you may have about these services. 

Midtown 2 Theaters

What is the "Navy First" logo next to some of the movies?

Midtown 2 Theaters is a proud recipient of the Navy Motion Picture Service (NMPS) movie program and receives the latest digital movies. “NAVY FIRST” provides select overseas Navy locations with the biggest titles at the same time they open in U.S. Commercial cinemas.

Can I buy movie tickets in advance?

Yes!  When the box office opens on Tuesday you can buy tickets in advance for any movie scheduled though Sunday.


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