MWR's Auto Skills Center is a fully-stocked garage for help with auto maintenance and upgrades. We have a friendly and knowledgeable mechanic and staff ready to assist with anything automotive related. For more information call +39 095-56-5244 (DSN 624-5244). Bay and lift reservations are accepted.

The Auto Skills Center also provides a hazardous waste accumulation point. We can properly dispose of motor oil, cooking oil, fuel, butane containers, and batteries.

Vehicle detailing, including PCS prep services, are available and provided by Deluxe Bubbles Detailing. Call +39 095-56-5244 (DSN 624-5244) to schedule an appointment.

Auto Skills Center offerings:
Car Wash & Vacuums
Free Air Pump
Plug Leaking Tires
Car Parts Ordering
Motor Oil In Stock
Free Hazardous Waste Disposal
Instructional Classes
Vehicle Storage

Self Services:
Oil Change
Indoor Lift Bays
Indoor Flat Bays
Outside Bays
Specialty Tools
Tire Changer
Wheel Balancer
Battery Charging
Tire Plugs
Valve Stems
Hydraulic Press
Diagnostic Scanner
Sandblast Cabinet
Spring Compressor

Assisted Services:
Hydraulic Press
Diagnostic Scanner
Spring Compressor
Wheel Balancer
Tire Changer
ARC Welding
Brake Lathe


Saturday, June 29, 2024


Maintenance Class: Installing New Tires

Auto Skills Center