School Liaison Officer (SLO)

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School Liaison Officer has the intent to level the playing field for transitioning military children and youth. SLO's will help prepare students, parents, schools and Navy leaders to respond to permanent-change-of-station (PCS) and deployment issues impacting school-age children. They will help Navy families be the best "advocates" for their child's education. SLO's will work closely with local school personnel to identify and resolve issues that impact transitioning military students and will serve as a link between military families and schools during in and out-processing periods and deployments. To make the connection, CYP will work very closely with Fleet and Family Support providing deployment support, counseling and advocacy, relocation assistance and ombudsman support. SLO's will also link with services and programs delivered to Navy families in the Exceptional Family Member Program. They will be the primary advisor to commanding officers and staff on matters relating to schools serving the installation.
Navy SLOs will provide seven core services:
  • School Transition Services: Focus is on permanent change-of-station moves and "leveling playing field" for transitioning military children and youth.
  • Deployment Support: SLO's will serve as a conduit, connecting educators to the Navy deployment support system to inform educators on the cycles of deployment and tools that are available to assist them when working with Navy children.
  • Command, School, Community Communications: The SLO will provide support as the subject matter expert for commanders on K-12 issues to connect command, schools and community resources.
  • Home School Linkage and Support: SLO's will assist Navy families by gathering and sharing information on homeschooling issues, policies and legislation from local school districts. In addition, they will leverage Navy CYP resources to support these families.
  • Partnerships In Education (PIE): PIE creates a volunteer network of resources to support all installation and community members who have a stake in the success of all youth.
  • Post-Secondary Preparations: SLO's will leverage installation and school resources to provide graduating military students access to post-secondary information and opportunities.
  • Special Education System Navigation: Special Needs System Navigation: School Liaison Officers provide information about installation and community programs and services, make referrals to the Exceptional Family Member Program, and offer assistance in navigating the administrative systems within local education agencies.


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Partnerships in Education (PIE)

How are military commands providing support in schools?

Service members are volunteering in local schools by mentoring, reading to classes, and assisting with various school events like family fun nights. If your command would like to volunteer in school, contact the School Liaison Officer. The ways to volunteer are endless.

Navy Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Where can I find student opportunities?

STEM development begins with Naval STEM outreach programs at the Pre-K through 12th-grade levels, continues through undergraduate and graduate school, supports student advancement into post-doctoral work, and continues through all stages of their STEM professions.

The list of opportunities for high school, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students can be found below and by downloading the Naval STEM Opportunities for Students handout.

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