MWR Kitchen (Maximum occupancy 30)
This includes access to 8 - 8ft tables and 25 chairs.  Kitchen resources are available upon request.  Men's and women's' bathrooms are accessible outside of the classroom and WiFi is available.

Terms of Room Rental

  1. Set up/take down and care of the facility and equipment is the responsibility of the reserving party.
  2. Post-event clean-up, which includes all removal of trash, is to be completed immediately after the event and is the responsibility of the reserving party.
  3. Reserving party is responsible to ensure that the building is secure upon completion of the event.
  4. Keys to the facility will be issues at NCR on the day of the event, or the day before the event if NCR is closed.
  5. Keys are to be dropped off at NCR at the conclusion of the event.  If NCR is closed, a key drop box location is available outside of the reserved facility.

Please See Navy Community Recreation for hours of operation.