Marketing with MWR Sigonella

Navy MWR’s mission is to deliver high-quality, customer-focused programs and services that contribute to resiliency, retention, and quality of life. By partnering with MWR, your organization will have a unique opportunity to market your company, its products, and its services to an exclusive military population. Direct advertising and event sponsorship opportunities provide your organization with a full promotional mix to gain exclusive exposure to the military population.


Commercial Sponsorship Point of Contact: 

Jaclyn Travis | Marketing Director 

Office: + 39 095 56 0511

Email: jaclyn.travis@eu.navy.mil

Address: Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily Italy

PSC 824 Box 19, FPO, AE 09623-0001

Commercial Advertising

Advertisers can expect their contributions to help enhance their corporate branding and create top-of-mind awareness with our service members and their families. MWR offers a wide variety of digital and print advertising opportunities to satisfy all of your marketing needs.

Full-Color Digital Advertising Options Include:

-Digital TV Displays (Multiple locations available across 6 of our MWR facilities)

-Movie Theater Screens (Multiple sizes available)

-MWR Website Homepage (Multiple ad sizes available with impression and link tracking capabilities)

Full Color Print Advertising Options Include:

-Preview Magazine (Multiple ad sizes available in our monthly magazine)

-1000 printed copies distributed across all MWR facilities

-Monthly Preview is shared on our MWR Facebook and Instagram channels

-A downloadable digital copy is also made available on our homepage, www.navymwrsigonella.com.

-Poster Displays throughout MWR Facilities (Multiple sizes and locations available)

-Bulletin Board Displays throughout MWR Facilities (Multiple sizes and locations available)

Premium Full Color Print Options Include:

-Lamppost Banners (If you are looking for a more premium exposure for your brand, consider having your logo or custom artwork printed on lamppost banners and displayed throughout Midtown on NAS I.)

Commercial Sponsorship 

Commercial Sponsorship offers businesses an opportunity to become a part of a premium MWR event through a monetary or in-kind fee to help increase their brand awareness. Sponsors will gain exclusive exposure to the military population through print and electronic publications, verbal recognition, social media promotion, as well as on-site event placement. Customized sponsorship packages are also available for your unique needs.

Commercial Sponsorship Opportunities Available for our Four Largest Annual Events:

-Eggstravaganza (April 2021); Estimated attendance: 750 - SOLD

-Red, White, and BOOM (July 2021); Estimated attendance: 1000-2000 - STILL AVAILABLE!

-Autumn Fest (October 2021); Estimated attendance: 750-2000 - SOLD

-Sig’s The Season (December 2021); Estimated attendance: 750 - SOLD


NOTE: Only one Commercial Sponsorship is available per annual event to help maximize your brand exposure!


Fitness Events Available for Sponsorship:

-Red, White & Boom Color Run (July 2021)

-Amateur Body Physique Competition (September 2021)

-Sprint Triathlon (September 2021)

-Obstacle Challenge Run (October 2021)

-Ugly Sweater Run (December 2021)