2021 Red, White & BOOM!

MWR Sigonella is excited to announce that we will once again be hosting Red, White & BOOM, sponsored by Centro Sicilia, this year in Marinai Housing Complex! We plan to light up the sky again with our "Let Freedom Ring" fireworks display, proudly sponsored by USAA

Please see below for a full lineup of this year's events, including a morning color run to kick off the day!

No Navy endorsement is implied. 

Friday, July 2, 2021

Red, White & BOOM!

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White and BOOM Color Run

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Water Wars

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Chalk Contest

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Lawn Bowling

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Minute-To-Win-It

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Bike Parade

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Watermelon Eating Contest

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Wiffle Ball Homerun Derby

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Cornhole Tournament

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Game Winners Announced

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - Live Music

Marinai Housing Complex


Red, White & BOOM - "Let Freedom Ring" Fireworks Display

Marinai Housing Complex

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Who is allowed to attend this event?
A: Due to COVID-19, this year's event will only be open to individuals with regular access to Marinai, including US and NATO ID cardholders. Unfortunately, sponsoring outside guests will not be permitted.

Q: How do I gain access to the base?
A: DOD and NATO ID cardholders may access Marinai through the main entry gate. Anyone who does not provide a US Government-issued ID card normally accepted to enter Marinai will not be allowed access to the event. 

COVID Restrictions

Q: Are there any COVID restrictions I need to be made aware of?
A: All participants in MWR activities on July 4th will be required to maintain 6 feet physical distance at all times, wear a mask when not active, and sanitize their hands before handling equipment.

Parking and Transportation

Q: Will shuttles be operating between the bases during the

A: Yes. Shuttles will continue to operate and will be running frequently between NAS I, NAS II, and Marinai. For schedules, please visit your local bus stop.

Q: Will parking be provided inside the base?
A: Only DoD ID cardholders will be permitted to park on Marinai. Please park in the designated reserved parking areas.

Q: Anything else I should know about getting to the event?
A: Yes. Please use caution while transiting to and from Marinai as there will be increased traffic outside the installation. 

Security: What Can I Bring?

Q: What items are considered contraband?
A: Knives of any size (including box cutters and sharp objects), BB Guns (Air Soft), slingshots, fireworks of any kind, illegal drugs, and any other items the CO deems as contraband. Guests must use common sense. If the item presents a potential threat to the base, do not attempt to bring it to the event. 

Alcohol and Smoking

Q: Will alcohol be served?
A: Yes, alcohol will be served. Also, Breathalyzers will be administered to those driving a vehicle. Anyone who plans to drive should abstain from consuming alcohol. Legal action will be taken against those who drive and have exceeded the legal limit of alcohol.
Q: Is smoking allowed at the event?
A: Yes, but limited to designated smoking areas.

Q:  Will restrooms be available at the celebration?

A:  Yes. Restrooms will be at the event site and inside the Marinai Community center.
Q: What time will the fireworks display happen?
A: The fireworks display is scheduled to begin at 9:30 pm. The exact time may fluctuate. Announcements will be made during the event if the time is adjusted.  

For more event information, please call 624-4941 (+39-095-56-4941).