AutumnFest is Sigonella's biggest annual community event! On October 19th we kick off the fun with our Oktoberfest in Sigonella complete with German LIVE German music, German Beer and of course yum German food. Then on October 20th, we have a full day of family events lined up for you. Compete in the Strongman Competition or enjoy homemade treats from our food vendors, there is even going to be live entertainment!  Everything you need to know is located under this link. 



AutumnFest 2018 FAQs


As NAS Sigonella and its community friends prepare to celebrate AutumnFest activities, we are providing information and guidance to ensure a great event. Here is an FAQ of main questions for visitors.


Q: Is this year’s AutumnFest a two day event?

A: No. AutumnFest this year is a one day event and will be held on Saturday Oct. 20. However, on Friday, Oct. 19 MWR will be hosting its first ever Oktoberfest event which is open to DoD ID card holders only. Reservations for the Oktoberfest event can made at the Community Recreation office on NAS 1.


Q: As a base employee, how many guests can I bring to AutumnFest?

A: All adult U.S. ID card holders are allowed to sponsor up to five (5) guests whom do not have Department of Defense (DOD) Identification.  In addition, base employees (both U.S. and Local National) are also extended authorization to sponsor up to five (5) guests whom do not have Department of Defense (DOD) Identification.


Q: How do my guests gain access to the base?

A: Sponsors and all guests must bring valid photo identification to the Annex Gate, which will open at 1700. The Main Gate will be closed to all without DoD ID cards. Any guest who does not provide photo identification will not be allowed access to AutumnFest. Guests will also not be allowed access without their sponsors.


Q: Do base employees have to stay with their sponsored guests during the event?

A: Yes. Sponsors, both U.S. and Local Nationals, will be held responsible for the conduct and general whereabouts of their guests. Sponsors should also personally know the guests they are bringing to the AutumnFest event. Base employees should not agree to sponsor people they don't know well.


Q: Will parking be provided inside the base?

A: No. Only DoD card holders will be permitted to park on base via the Main Gate.


Q: Where can guests find event parking outside the base?

A: For a small fee business owners directly across the NAS 1 Main Entrance have agreed to provide parking in their lots. We kindly ask that guests do not park on SS-192, the street that runs in front of the NAS 1 installation.


Q: Will there be a guest list so my guests can access the base without their sponsor?

A: No. Guests must be accompanied by their sponsor. If the sponsor is not present, guests will be turned away at the Annex Gate. Assuring that guests are not left stranded at the gate is another reason we strongly encourage sponsors to car pool with their guests. If for some reason this is not possible, sponsors should pre-plan a designated meeting place away from the Annex Gate.


Q: What are the base entry restrictions?
A: Pets, glass bottles, containers, backpacks, contraband (including box cutters or other sharp objects) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from being brought onto the base.


Q: When will the parking lots on base be secured in preparation for AutumnFest?

  • The following is a list of NAS 1 parking lot closure dates and times in preparation for the event:

    • Fitness Center/Midtown parking lot: Sunday, 14 OCT at 2300

    • Community Recreation parking lot:  Monday, 15 OCT at 2300

    • Child (CDC) parking lot: Monday, 15 OCT at 2300

To help those who rely on parking that will be closed during event preparations preferred parking on NAS 1 will be temporarily available to all. Vehicles parked in secured locations after the times listed above will be towed at owner’s expense. These areas will be secured until after the event has concluded and the parking lots have been cleaned.


Q: What kinds of bags are not allowed on base?
A: Coolers and backpacks will not be authorized. Bags exceeding a 12"x 6"x 12" dimension also will not be allowed to enter the base. Authorized bags will be allowed after they have been screened.


Q: What about strollers and diaper bags for those with small children?
A: Strollers will be allowed for caretakers of small children after screening. The same applies to diaper bags long as they are not in exceedance of the 12"x 6"x 12" dimensions.


Q: What is considered contraband?
A: Knives of any size, BB guns (Air Soft), sling shots, fireworks of any kind, drugs, and any other items the CO deems as contraband on the installation. We require guests to use common sense. If the item presents a potential threat to the base, do not attempt to bring it to the event.


Q: Will alcohol be served?
A: Yes, and we want all guests to have a great time. However, please know that random Breathalyzers will be administered to guests leaving the gate. Legal actions will be taken against those who are driving and have exceeded the legal limit of alcohol intake. Simply stated, if you are driving, do not consume any alcohol.


Q: Will smoking be permitted at the event?
A: Yes, however smoking is limited to the designated smoking area located between The Commons and Midtown, across from the movie theater exit. Signage will be placed throughout the event designating the main event footprint as a smoke free zone and re-directing customers to the designated smoking area.


Q: Will restrooms be available at the event?
A: Yes, and the locations will be identified on the event map.


Q: Will shuttle services run in the triangle?
A: Yes. Shuttle service will be provided throughout the event. For specific departures of the shuttle bus, please refer to the schedule located in the bus stops. The shuttle will pick-up and drop-off riders at NAS 1 in the loop near the DoDDS School; at NAS 2 in front of the Flight Clinic; and at Marinai at the first bus stop inside of the main gate near the Youth Center.


Q: Will non-ID holders be able to enter the NEX and Commissary?
A: No. Non-ID holders are not allowed to purchase NEX or Commissary items.


Q: What are the base entry restrictions?

A: Pets, glass bottles, containers, backpacks, contraband (including box cutters or other sharp objects) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from being brought onto the base.


Q: Anything else?
A: Yes. Please use caution while transiting to and from NAS 1 as there will be increased traffic and parked vehicles outside of the installation.