Ristorante Bella Etna (Galley)

Ristorante Bella Etna is the award-winning galley at NAS Sigonella.

It is the recipient of 2010, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Capt. Edward F. Ney Memorial Award for Food Service Excellence! Ristorante Bella Etna earned the title, best galley in the Navy worldwide in the small ashore category.

The galley offers:

  • Main service line
  • Salad/fruit bar
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
  • Speed line service (weekdays only)

Authorized patrons

  • Active-duty personnel (U.S. and Foreign military)
  • Reservists on active duty
  • Escorted family members of active-duty personnel and reservists on active duty
  • Midshipmen, cadets and NROTC personnel on orders
  • All government civilian and contractor travelers on orders, when directed to subsist at the ashore galley
  • Civilians and contractors who work in the galley (at their work station)
  • Military retirees and other civilians, at the discretion of the NAS Sigonella Commanding Officer, may dine at the galley once per month for special event days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and service birthdays, provided additional patronage does not hinder access for Rations-in-Kind personnel or create a significant financial burden on the operation of the galley.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?
A:  Ristorante Bella Etna accepts Rations-in-Kind (RIK) and cash only. RIK personnel may dine at no charge. They must present ID/meal pass card and sign in. All other authorized patrons must present identification, pay with cash and sign in.

Q:  Do you provide catering services?
A:  Catering is not available.

Q: Does Ristorante Bella Etna offer special meals to non-authorized patrons?
A: Per CNICINST 4061.1A, The CO may authorize, at his or her discretion, opening the shore galley once
a month to military retirees and other DoD civilians for special event days. Commander Navy Installations Command encourages the CO to authorize open galley access (security concerns separately addressed) on Thanksgiving, Christmas and one Service birthday (Navy, Marine Corps, Army or Air Force) provided the additional patronage does not hinder access for Rations In Kind personnel or create a significant financial burden on the operation of the galley. Information regarding menu theme and date will be provided on this website.

Q:  May I eat inside the galley in my physical training (PT) fitness gear?
A:  No the dress code does not allow inside dining in PT gear (see dress code below). However, you may pick a take-out order while dressed in clean PT gear (not soiled or sweaty).

Dress code per NASSIGINST 4061.1M:  The uniform, when worn, will be a complete uniform as prescribed by Uniform Regulations. When civilian clothing is worn, personnel and their guest(s) shall ensure that their dress and personal appearance is appropriate.  Specifically, tank-tops, bare feet, flip-flops (shower shoes), cut-off shorts, midriff exposure, soiled coveralls, uniform or civilian attire are not authorized. The Duty Cashier may refuse admittance.