Summer Swim

Its HOT outside!  Here is everything for Summer Swimming @ Splasher's Pool!

The link to register for swim lessons will be available the week before the sesson starts. 


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Pleae read though the FAQs before registering for swim lessons.

Aquatics Summer Swim

Summer Swim Lessons 2019 NAS Sigonella

Register for 3 week swim lessons held throughout the summer.  Each Session will consist of 6 classes.

  • Session 1: 7 May – 23 May (online registration: 1 May @ 1800 through 4 May @ 2345)
  • Session 2: 28 May – 13 June (online registration: 23 May @ 1800 through 27 May at 2345)
  • Session 3: 18 June – 27 June (online registration: 13 June @ 1800 through 16 June @ 2345)
  • Session 4: 2 July- 11 July (online registration: 27 June @ 1800 through 30 June @ 2345)
  • Session 5: 16 July – 25 July (online registration: 11 July @ 1800 through 14 July at 2345)
  • Session 6: 30 July – 8 August (online registration: 25 July @ 1800 through 28 July @ 2345)
  • Session 7: 13 Aug – 22 August (online registration: 8 August @ 1800 through 11 August @ 2345)
  • Session 8: 10 September – 26 September (online registration: 4 Sept @ 1800 through 7 Sept @ 2345)

Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration for swim lessons?
Registration for swim lessons is available online the week before the session begins via a SignUp Genius Link that will be available on the MWR website and the front desk of the NAS 1 Fitness Center.

How many sessions can I sign for at a time?
One. As summer is high PCS season, we are limiting sign-ups to one session at a time to be available for sign up to keep it fair for incoming families. 

Who is eligible for swim lessons?
DOD ID Card Holders, NATO, and LN’s with base access.

Where can I register my child for swim lessons?
Online registratration will be available on the week before the session starts.

What is the ideal age for the learn-to-swim program? 
The ideal age for children to start a learn-to-swim program is 3 years old.  However, from 6 months to 36 months, children may benefit from the Parent/Child classes offered here in Sigonella.

What level should my child be in for swim lessons?
Please review the attached Swimming and Water Safety Skills Chart PDF when you register your child online. There are several different levels based on age and ability. Parent/Child (PC) classes are for children 6 months – 36 months with a parent in the water. Pre-school (P/S) levels 1-3 are for children ages 3-5. Learn to Swim (LTS) levels 1-6 are for children ages 6+. For teenagers who are proficient in the basics and want to refine skills or learn new strokes may benefit from Adult Level lessons. The WSI certified instructor reserves the right to place a child in a level they deem developmentally appropriate.

Help! I have no idea what level my child would be in!
Please use the American Red Cross Level Chart to determine your child’s level.  Instrutors will evaluate skills at the first class and determine if someone needs to be moved to a different level.  Children ages 6 months-36 months are eligible for Parent/Child classes only. Teenagers are eligible for Adult lessons.

How long are the swim lessons?
All swim lessons are 30 minutes in length.  

What types of lessons are offered?

  • Group lessons will meet 6 times in a session
  • Private Lessons are available though our independet swim instructor: Molly Fuselier.  She can be contacted at or 347-720-0831

What is the cost of swim lessons?
Parent/Child: $40, Group: $40

Can I register all of my children in my family?
Yes, you may register all of your children within your own family. 

Can I register children for another family?
No, a legal parent or guardian must sign up their own family members.

Can I choose my preferred class time?
When registering online, you may choose your preferred class time, if it is congruent with your child’s level. Please note that the instructors reserve the right to move your child to a level that is developmentally appropriate if the level they sign up for is not correct.

What happens if all the slots for the level I need are full?
If you are unable to sign up because slots are full, you can email the Aquatics Manager to be placed on a waiting list. Email subject should read: “Waitlist request/ Participant’s name.” In the email please indicate which level you are trying to sign up for, what times you would be available and the best method of contact. After registration and the first day of lessons is over, if any spots open up, you will be contacted via the contact information you provided. If a spot opens up after a class has already been conducted, you will be prorated for the remainder of the session should your child wish to finish out the session. We will have numerous sessions throughout the summer, so there are other chances for you to register your child.

How can I pay?
You may pay with cash or credit at the front desk of the NAS 1 Fitness Center. Personal checks are not accepted. All payments are due, in full, before the first class. Failure to pay before the class starts will result in the participant being dropped from the class and a member on the waitlist will be given the opportunity to fill that slot.

What supplies are needed?
You will need a swimsuit and a towel to dry off. Goggles can be beneficial for Pre-School, Learn to Swim, and adult but are not necessary for Parent/Child. A swim cap is highly recommended for girls and boys with longer hair as wet hair in the face can interfere with the child’s performance. Also, a swim diaper is required for children not yet potty-trained.

How do refunds and/or transfers work?
No refunds or transfers.

Can I switch my enrollment with another family?
No, enrollment is non-transferrable. 

Can I leave my other child on the deck unattended during swim lessons?
No, there will not be a supervisor on deck to watch over the children.

If I have additional questions, who do I contact?
MWR Aquatics Director at 624-3785 or via email at