Carnevale in Saponara for 'The Bear and the Princess’ Parade

Depart: NAS II 11:30 am, Marinai 11:45 am, NAS I 12:00 pm
Return: 10:00 pm
Cost: $35 (Bring euro for food)

The Carnevale parade in the small village of Saponara is based on a legend that tells of a Prince who captured a bear that threatened the town. A parade was then arranged to show the town the strength and power of the Prince. Still today, the masked figures in this parade include the prince, princess, the court, and the bear.  The bear leads the procession while being restrained by hunters and tamers using ropes and chains.  Often, throughout the procession, the bear lunges at spectators.  Don’t worry though, the tamers do a pretty good job of keeping the bear under control. In fact, the bear occasionally turns into a gentleman and invites a girl for a dance. Don’t miss this extremely unique parade where you will also have the opportunity to purchase traditional Carnevale street food.