Vita del Vino (Planeta Winery)

Live the "vini vite" on our new tour series exploring the vineyards of Sicily; wineries born and bred here on the island while enjoying food, drink and warm hospitality. Wine has been a part of Italian history and culture for over 4000 years and now you can make it part of yours. Join us, as we live the wine life.

Cost: $70 (Tour of the vineyard, 5 wines from all Sicily, transportation, tour escort and lunch)

Depart: NAS II 9:30 am, Marinai 9:45 am, NAS I 10:00 am

Return: 6:00 pm

*This trip is contingent on Italian and Sicilian decrees and is subject to last minute changes and/or cancellations. In the event the trip is canceled, refunds will automatically be issued and patrons will be contacted about the cancellation.