Sigonella Polar Plunge

Event description: Come take the plunge into some cold water, if you can bear it! After jumping into the frigid waters we will have some delicious hot chocolate to warm up!

Arctic Costume Contest: We encourage participants to dress up in their arctic finest for our Polar Plunge Costume Contest! The Best/Most Creative Costume winner will receive a special prize! Not to worry if you don't win the costume contest though, as all participants will receive a custom swim cap to remember your bravery by!

Participant Info: This event is open to all DoD ID and NATO ID cardholders.

COVID-19 Restrictions: All participants must maintain 6 feet social distance at all times and must wear a mask when not physically active. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Registration Cost: $5 per person which can be paid at either NAS I or NAS II gym. Sign up today: