Sigonella Scouting Combine

Date: March 29-April 2

Time: By Appointment Only

Registration for this event begins March 1, please visit to register.


This Scouting Combine Will Consist of:

40 Yard Dash:

  • Participants will sprint as fast as they can for 40 yards.

Bench Press:

  • Participants will be required to bench 225lbs (male)/115lbs (female) for as many reps as possible.

Broad Jump:

  • Participants will start with their feet flat on the ground, and then attempt to jump as high and as far they are able to, while still landing on their feet.

20-Yard Shuttle Run:

  • Participants will begin at the center cone of three cones, each placed 5 yards apart. Upon the whistle, participants will push off with their dominant leg in the opposite direction for 5 yards and touch the line. After touching the line, they will reverse and go 10 yards in the opposite direction, touching the line as fast as possible. Finally, patrons will reverse direction again, ending the drill at the starting point after traveling another 5 yards.

Participant Eligibiilty:

  • All DoD and NATO ID cardholders, 18 years+

Prize Information:

  • First Place Overall (Male/Female)
  • First Place 40 Yard Dash (Male/Female)
  • First Place Bench Press (Male/Female)
  • First Place Broad Jump (Male/Female)
  • First Place Shuttle Run (Male/Female)

COVID-19 Restrictions:

  • All participants must maintain 6 feet social distance and wear a mask at all times. All equipment will be wiped down in-between use.